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Welcome to ​Geyserville Education Foundation

The Geyserville Educational Foundation is a nonprofit community organization whose purpose is to secure and distribute contributions from individuals, corporations, and foundations to support and enhance the quality of community life through educational assistance.

Chartered in 1989, the Geyserville Educational Foundation volunteer Board of Directors, made up of parents, volunteers and school staff, represents the Geyserville Unified School and its four schools.

Our organization is dedicated to enhancing the educational experience of all students in the Geyserville Unified School District. The GEF works very hard each year to raise funds to supplement and maintain special programs, technology updates, and field trips that would otherwise be eliminated due to significant state funding cutbacks, as well as provide scholarships to graduating seniors.

Last year, GEF grants to the Geyserville schools plus scholarships totaled more than $30,000! The Foundation administers grant and other community foundation support for programs such as gardening, music, and art. This was only possible thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please know that your contribution truly makes a difference. Please consider donating today!

A couple of programs that were previously discontinued due to the statewide budget cuts were restarted a few years ago thanks to GEF funds. Namely the music program at Geyserville Elementary School, as well as the fine and industrial arts programs at Geyserville New Tech Academy. GEF is committed to continuing its current level of funding to the Geyserville schools. Falling short means cutting music, art, garden, field trips, transportation and other enrichment programs. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Donate now!


We partner with businesses and individuals to provide a trusted source for donors to make meaningful contributions to our community’s schools.  Through general donor drives, our Partners in Education program, and special fundraising events throughout the year, we raise thousands of dollars to support a wide range of opportunities for our students.

How Funds are Spent

Teachers and administrators at each school work within this funding pool to support enrichment programs such as music for Geyserville Elementary students, art classes, field trips, and purchasing of special items not covered by the regular school budget.

The Foundation also provides funds to the schools on a case-by-case basis for special programs or support services.

The Foundation administers grant and other community foundation support for programs such as gardening, music, and art.

Finally, the Foundation provides generous scholarship funds for eligible seniors graduating and entering both vocational/junior college and university-level programs.

How Funds are Raised

We raise the majority of our funds through our Partners in Education as well as through the individual donations of generous community members.